Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit One Step Brow Stamp Shaping Kit (Nearly Black)


Save: 20%

  • [SUPER EASY TO USE] Save makeup time, just a few seconds to draw a natural and perfect eyebrow makeup, novices can easily use and making it easier than ever to design and decorate your eyebrows.
  • [WATERPROOF AND SMUDGE-PROOF]Don’t worry about that your brows melting or washing away. Our Eyebrow Stamp keeps your brows on all day long and the strong adhesion makes your makeup more durable
  • [PERFECT ARCHES FOR EVERYONE] There are 12 pieces Eyebrow Stencils to find the perfect arches. Suitable for all skin tones and eyebrows. Keep your brows twins.
  • [LOOK NATURAL] Like your real brows.With 3 colors long wear brow stamp from Light Brown to Dark Brown to find the one that best matches the color of your eyebrows .The brow stamp is smooth and well blended with the skin. Give an excellent make-up for a natural effect.
  • [MULTIFUNCTIONAL] The Eyebrow Stamp Kit also can be used for trimming, face shadow or supplementing hairline, which is great value for money, and perfecting your delicate makeup.And you can give it to your family, friends, and girlfriends as gifts.


Eyebrow Stamp Stencil KitChoose Your Eyebrow Stamp From DMIES

Messy eyebrows usually affect our overall image, especially for women, who do not have enough makeup and look unrefined, causing problems in our daily social life, so it is especially important to create a good eyebrow shape.

DMIES Eyebrow Stamp is a fully pigmented, sweat-proof and Waterproof Eyebrow Stamp Brown formula that helps to fill the eyebrows perfectly every time!

This bendable long-lasting formula comes in 3 shades and can be applied smoothly on the skin and hair, leaving a matte finish.

The Brown Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit comes with 10 most popular customized shape Eyebrow Stencils which suitable for 99% of people. Help everyone to get a pair of symmetrical and satisfaction brows quickly.

Eyebrow Stamp Stencil KitHow to use Eyebrow Stamp?

  • Step 1:  Choose the appropriate Eyebrow Stencil and then align it to the position according to the grid line.
  • Step 2: Use the eyebrow cushion to gently tap the blank area of the Eyebrow Stamp from the eyebrow tail until the blank area of the stamp is painted completely.
  • Step 3: Wipe off excess brow stamp from the stencil.
  • Step 4: Place it symmetrically, and repeat the first step to complete the second eyebrow.
  • Step 5: Brush your eyebrows with a brush to make them more natural.


  1. Dip an appropriate amount of Brow Stamp from the lid before use.
  2. Apply Brow Stamp by wiping, the color will be more even.
  3. Apply from the end of the eyebrow, 2mm away from the Eyebrow, then use a brush to smudge the eyebrow evenly, so that the eyebrow effect is better and more beautiful and natural.
  4. Fill the Eyebrow Stencil with a small amount of Eyebrow Stamp several times.

Eyebrow Stamp Stencil KitMultiple Colors Available

Dark Brown,Light Brown and Nearly Black Brow Stencil Kit are available in a variety of colors.

  1. You can choose the color that suits your hair color to help you create eye-catching makeup and make you stand out in daily life and party.
  2. The “Dark Brown” hue has a reddish tone. Suitable for orange, red, dark yellow hair color.
  3. If your hair is light-colored, yellow or blond, I suggest you buy Light Brown.
  4. If you are black hair or dake hair, I suggest you buy the darkest color Nearly Black.


  1. Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item’s color may be slightly different from the pictures.
  2. Please allow slight dimension differences due to different manual measurements.
  3. The color difference is related to the amount of Eyebrow Stamp taken. You can dip it in a small amount according to your needs. If you think the color is too dark, you can use a brush to remove the excess Eyebrow Stamp

Eyebrow Stamp Stencil KitMultifunctional Eyebrow Stamp

Repair For Missing Hair On The Top Of The Head

  1. Eyebrow Stamp can not only be used to decorate eyebrows, but also be used as hairline to decorate the edge of hairline, fill the gap of hair, and make your hair look thicker, fluffy and very natural.
  2. You can use a stick to apply directly to the hair seams or areas that need to be filled, or you can use a brush to brush it up, which looks more natural

Hairline Trimming

  1. In addition to Eyebrow Stamp, you can also perfect the hairline and forehead, making the hairline voluminous and thick.
  2. We have three colors for you to choose. You can choose the color closest to your hair and fill the hairline a few times to achieve the perfect effect you want

Eyebrow Stamp Stencil KitWhy Choose DMIES Eyebrow Stamp?

  1. The Eyebrow Stamp Can Also Used As Hairline Powder
  2. Professional Eyebrow Stamp Kit can ensure that your makeup will not smudge or fade due to sweat, rain or even water sports all day long.
  3. The One-Step Brow Stamp and shaping kit includes a unique eyebrow stamp, 12 pieces eyebrow stencils and 1 brow brushes to easily create natural and attractive brows without any skills.


  1. Avoid contact with eyes.
  2. Do not apply to broken or irritated skin.
  3. Discontinue use immediately if rash, irritation, or discomfort arise.Keep out of reach of children.